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Retro Look: Helena Bordon at Victoria Beckham SS2018

A Beatles tee and flared plaid pants for some retro cool on Helena Bordon in NYC.


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Miroslava Duma at Victoria Beckham

Miroslava Duma arrived at the Victoria Beckham show in a crisp belted yellow leopard tank and blue pants perfect for the variable September weather we’ve been having in NYC.

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Victoria Beckham at Marc Jacobs SS 2008

Street style and Throwback Thursday: it could be a dangerous combination, right? But I have so many photos in the archives, and some of them are worth revisiting.

This is from the notorious Marc Jacobs show that ran two hours late and sent editors and journalists like Suzy Menkes into a tizzy. Victoria Beckham was the last to arrive. I didn’t even need to use a flash to take this photo – there were so many others going off around me. Beckham was still very much “Posh” at this point – I doubt she would wear a Herve Leger bandage dress now – her style has changed a lot.

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Mary Alice Stephenson at Victoria Beckham

Mary Alice Stephenson, who has a really fun Twitter feed if you want to follow the fashion crowd, walked through the snow in open-toe stilettos, a black and white ombre fur and statement necklace. Close up of her snakeskin clutch and gold ring, after the jump.


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Anna Wintour in the Snow, Outside Victoria Beckham

These next few photos are in honor of Bill Cunningham, who loves to photograph fashionably dressed people hopping over puddles.

Anna Wintour may be high fashion, but that hasn’t stopped her from braving the elements like the rest of them. Outside the Victoria Beckham show, she forded a snow bank in flat rain boots worn with a tweed suit, blue and white fur top, and of course her trademark sunglasses.

Designers: here are some suggested trends for next winter’s NY fashion week: salting sidewalks and shoveling a clear path to the street. Don’t make Anna Wintour do this again.

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Nina Garcia at Victoria Beckham

Nina Garcia mastered the warm but sexy look on a very cold day at the Victoria Beckham show, where she sported an all-black outfit of skater skirt, tights and stiletto boots, belted sweater, plus a warm shearling jacket.

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Black and Yellow, Outside Victoria Beckham

Nothing brightens up a sea of blah black coats in January like a pop of neon color. This guest at the Victoria Beckham show accented her thick black coat with a sunny yellow hoodie and mirrored sunglasses, bringing a little Cali surf style to bear on a NY winter day.


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Black Leather Coat at Victoria Beckham

On another brutally cold day last February, this guest at the Victoria Beckham show brought out the big guns: a black leather shearling coat, incredibly warm no matter what the weather.

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Anna Dello Russo at Victoria Beckham

Such a beautiful, classic look on Anna Dello Russo at the Victoria Beckham show.

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Mixing Prints, Outside the Victoria Beckham Show

Print mixing is a trend that’s still going strong, though it’s best to do it as adeptly as this girl outside the Victoria Beckham show who mixed printed pants with a print DVF jacket. The shoes are Manolos.

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Fashion Week SS09: Marc Jacobs

Once populated mainly by artsy, rumpled Parsons students, the Marc Jacobs show is now a celebrity magnet where SUV’s pull up and dispense perfectly styled glamazons. The Parsons students are still there, but fewer and farther in between, and at least the celebs are giving them a run for their money, style-wise.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the pure electric thrill of a Marc Jacobs show. This is where fashion transcends the mundane and becomes something that continually surprises, inspires, and opens your eyes.

Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham, up close and personal. Beckham’s main fashion statement at this show was her new haircut, which looked great in this playful pixie-ish state.
Padma Lakshmi. Not sure about the white silk jumper, but it is interesting to see more winter white right now.

Lynn Yaeger donned a glamorous cape for the occasion and mixed it with some funky pink leggings and gold shoes.

Sofia Coppola, another style muse of Jacobs.

Black dress, red lipstick, and a flower in her hair. He turns an otherwise conservative outfit up a notch with a hot pink belt.

Tiny ruffles.

Hilary Alexander in a statement necklace.

Model on a cell phone.


The collection, “The Americans,” was a send-up to all things American, with references from the Victorian era, 1920s, and 1940s mashed together, with a few obi sashes thrown in for good measure. Set to Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” (Leonard Bernstein’s performance?), the theme seems almost poignant in retrospect with everything that’s happened in the U.S. in the few weeks since the show.

One signature trick of Marc Jacobs is taking street trends and incorporating them into his collections. This idea of mixing patterns–florals, stripes, tweeds, and plaids–was first seen on the street earlier this year.If you were to buy one thing from the collection, this ruffled skirt might be it. It has a Victorian bustle in back and was a recurring theme in the show.

Jacobs jazzed up traditional stripes and tweed by injecting them with metallic thread.

He takes the obi sash theme a step further with this look and goes fully into Japanese territory with a beautiful butterfly print.

This dramatic striped dress got a great reaction from the crowd. But note that the majority of looks for this collection were not dresses but separates–mainly high-waisted, mid-calf skirts.

A beautiful, whimsical print that seems pure Marc Jacobs.

See Style.com for the entire show.

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Fashion Week FS08: Hervé Léger

Max Azria, who relaunched the bandage dress for Hervé Léger, is at it again with a fall collection that incorporated billowy chiffon skirts into bandage bustier evening wear.

For a view of the collection, check out Style.com. Here’s who came to the show.

Fashion Week begins!
It’s easy to get dressed up for the shows, but what do you do if you play it casual? This guy got it right.
High-waisted skirt.
Two women in hounds tooth.
Fashion icon of last season’s shows. She’s telling me that I dropped my jacket.
Man with murse.
And you think it takes you forever to get ready in the morning.
This mustard color really stood out in the crowd. Expect the untraditional when it comes to spring colors this year.
Très chic.
Head-to-toe Chanel.
Funky black glasses and shiny tights.
The gaucho tie may be a little over the top, but nobody could accuse these guys of not having A Look.
Plaid coat and sparkly leggings.
This chick – Kate Lanphear! – has been rocking the bob way before Victoria Beckham did.
Puss n boots?
Unexpected color.
Black and white.
Experimenting with color.
A cropped fur jacket was just the thing for these high-waisted jeans.
Fashion show fatigue is already setting in for some of the younger crowd.
Love the summery frill of white cotton lace peeking out from under a black wool coat.
More black and white.
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Fashion Week SS08: Marc Jacobs

Bad news: The Marc Jacobs show was going to be delayed by two hours, late by even Marc Jacobs standards. Publicity agents circulated through the hipper-than-thou crowd, suggesting that everyone go get something to eat, get some dinner or something. No one moved.

“There’s a bar across the street?” a waiting editor said.

Mass exodus.

The show pinpointed what the crowd outside already knew: There’s no one way to corner the market on cool. Breaking with other designers, Marc Jacobs showed a number of silk shift dresses in a cinched-waist season that was already starting to feel a bit constricted. Taking up the challenge to do “sexy,” he interpreted it in the French vein: déshabillé, with sheer panels of fabric and visible undergarments. The unexpected clothes and the expansive pageantry of the show were like a long, cool glass of water after a frustrating wait.

Julie Macklowe

Fashion power trio: Lynn Yaeger, Robert Burke, and Simon Doonan
Shalom Harlow and another model – name, anyone?

a Marc Jacobs hat
Carmen Electra makes eye contact

the shoe of the moment, by Balenciaga
Victoria Beckham
Anna Wintour and daughter Bee Schaffer (They arrived well before Posh.)
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Fashion Week SS08: Oscar de la Renta

Perhaps no other designer works with his customer in mind as much as Oscar de la Renta – not an abstract idea of “the customer,” but the actual women who wear his clothes. Every season a loyal coterie of socialites attends de la Renta’s show – and this year, a new Hollywood contingent including Victoria Beckham.

There was no one defining silhouette in this collection, though with the exception of a couple of trapeze dresses, the focus was again on the waist. Moroccan-inspired prints inlaid with sequins and botanical patterns sparkling with hundreds of tiny mirrors were the most exciting developments. These looked particularly beautiful in motion.

Aerin Lauder
Bill Cunningham and friend

Andre Leon Talley
Anna and Graydon Carter

three girls in DVF

Plum Sykes hands over the invite
Suzy Menkes
Marjorie Gubelmann

an Oscar de la Renta gown described as “very vintage”

Scott Schuman, a.k.a. The Sartorialist

The show. For a slideshow, check out Elle.com.
Afterwards, it started to rain.

Jamee Gregory with umbrella
David Patrick Columbia and friends
Grace Coddington

Model Tanya Dziahileva as seen from under an umbrella

Posh makes her exit…
…and paparazzi madness ensues.
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