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Recipe: Orange Bread

My aunt recently gave me a whole trove of recipes from my late grandmother. Hand-written on index cards, they contain some midcentury curiosities we would probably never want to eat again (deviled egg casserole, anyone?), but also a few gems that might otherwise be forgotten.

As soon as I came across this recipe for orange bread, I remembered eating it as a child in her kitchen, though that was a long time ago now. My grandmother had a meat grinder bolted to the kitchen table for grinding her own hamburger meat. This recipe used that grinder on orange rind to mince it into small pieces. (Now everyone would freak out about E. coli before doing that.) You can do the same with a food processor. Whether or not you want to “test for doneness with broom straw,” as her original recipe suggests, is up to you. (more…)

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The Copycat Chef: Slow Cooker Green Turkey Chili

It’s not always a restaurant I’m copying as the Copycat Chef – sometimes it’s a friend. One Sunday afternoon over a Ravens game, fellow Baltimoron Twann described a delicious green chicken chili he was going to make later that day. I immediately thought of it on the day after Thanksgiving when faced with pounds and pounds of leftover turkey. The recipe, adapted here for a slow cooker from Spark Recipes, works well with many types of leftover roasts, so keep it in mind when faced with your own holiday leftovers. They can be transformed into a spicy tomatillo chili and frozen for dinner throughout the winter.  (more…)

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Spring Greens Frittata

Food bloggers – they’re everywhere! Including, as it turns out, at our own Easter brunch, where I had the pleasure of re-meeting Kristen Taylor, who posts delicious  photos of food on her blog kthread. She was nice enough to share a photo of the meal, below, which included lamb, asparagus, and a spring greens frittata.

It’s always a good idea to have a vegetarian option when friends are coming over for a meal, because you never know who’s going to show up and what their dietary restrictions might be. A frittata made with an oniony mixture of spring greens seemed like the perfect way to ring in the new season. Of course, when I actually started to make it, I realized I’d forgotten the original recipe card, grabbed from the vegetable section at Whole Foods, so I’d have to wing it. Here is the resulting frittata recipe, cooked entirely on the stove top using a technique from Mark Bittman. (more…)

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