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Padma Lakshmi in a White Dress, Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

At Saturday’s Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Padma Lakshmi was another trendsetter in all white. Her dress was all the more dramatic for its romanticism, whereas most guests opted for the sporty look.

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Street Chic (and Red Carpet): 2009 CFDA Awards

Rachel Zoe in Louis Vuitton, 2009 CFDA AwardsWhen the fashion world brings a Hollywood date to an awards ceremony, the glamour quotient is extreme. This was black tie dressing at its best and most tricky, since the skies alternately threatened rain or just plain mugginess. But both the male and female guests pulled it off with aplomb, playing with hemlines (of both trousers and dresses) and reinterpreting what “black tie” means for 2009.

The “muse” theme of this year’s CFDA Awards (Council of Fashion Designers of America) encouraged designers to bring someone who inspires them as a date. You could almost imagine them designing clothes with a specific beautiful woman in mind.

It also meant that the women were accompanied by designers for this fashion event, not their husbands/significant others, who stayed at home. Everybody wins! (more…)

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Fashion Week SS09: Marc Jacobs

Once populated mainly by artsy, rumpled Parsons students, the Marc Jacobs show is now a celebrity magnet where SUV’s pull up and dispense perfectly styled glamazons. The Parsons students are still there, but fewer and farther in between, and at least the celebs are giving them a run for their money, style-wise.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the pure electric thrill of a Marc Jacobs show. This is where fashion transcends the mundane and becomes something that continually surprises, inspires, and opens your eyes.

Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham, up close and personal. Beckham’s main fashion statement at this show was her new haircut, which looked great in this playful pixie-ish state.
Padma Lakshmi. Not sure about the white silk jumper, but it is interesting to see more winter white right now.

Lynn Yaeger donned a glamorous cape for the occasion and mixed it with some funky pink leggings and gold shoes.

Sofia Coppola, another style muse of Jacobs.

Black dress, red lipstick, and a flower in her hair. He turns an otherwise conservative outfit up a notch with a hot pink belt.

Tiny ruffles.

Hilary Alexander in a statement necklace.

Model on a cell phone.


The collection, “The Americans,” was a send-up to all things American, with references from the Victorian era, 1920s, and 1940s mashed together, with a few obi sashes thrown in for good measure. Set to Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” (Leonard Bernstein’s performance?), the theme seems almost poignant in retrospect with everything that’s happened in the U.S. in the few weeks since the show.

One signature trick of Marc Jacobs is taking street trends and incorporating them into his collections. This idea of mixing patterns–florals, stripes, tweeds, and plaids–was first seen on the street earlier this year.If you were to buy one thing from the collection, this ruffled skirt might be it. It has a Victorian bustle in back and was a recurring theme in the show.

Jacobs jazzed up traditional stripes and tweed by injecting them with metallic thread.

He takes the obi sash theme a step further with this look and goes fully into Japanese territory with a beautiful butterfly print.

This dramatic striped dress got a great reaction from the crowd. But note that the majority of looks for this collection were not dresses but separates–mainly high-waisted, mid-calf skirts.

A beautiful, whimsical print that seems pure Marc Jacobs.

See Style.com for the entire show.

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Fashion Week FS08: Halston

A supercool crowd showed up for the relaunch of Halston. Not sure yet about the collection – very drapey. Some of the drapey pieces could become iconic Halston items, but other day wear outfits… It’s alarming when pants make even the models look fat.

Fortunately, the people-watching alone was worth the trip.

Anna Wintour arrives.
Severe military chic – a Karl Lagerfeld level of cool.
Silver jacket.
A model promoting Members Only jackets. The bomber styles are the best sellers, but I like her fitted Balenciaga-esque one.
A good hi-lo mix of Brit wear and Converse sneakers.

Meredith Melling Burke has been wearing a lot of flowy dresses. This one looked particularly good in animal print mixed with the neutral gray coat.
Kate Betts and compadre.
Another example of mixed neutrals – black plus brown bag, plus the red scarf that pops.
Whispering. I totally made that same gesture in junior high and thought no one would know I was whispering in class.
Carine Roitfeld and Mickey Boardman. Love her booties!
A cool downtown look.
Worth noting the stirrup stockings with heels. It’s been spotted a couple times now at the shows…
Running to make the show.
Two well-dressed friends.
The one on the right – Kate Lanphear – may win my vote for fashion icon of the week. Very consistent, catchy, rocker chick style. Skinny black jeans with platform boots.
Padma Lakshmi: gastro chic?

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