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Anna Dello Russo at Michael Kors

Anna Dello Russo at Michael Kors

It’s great to see Anna Dello Russo in the spring Prada collection, which, with its theme of strong women and representations of said strong women, seems like it was made for her. Maybe it was! Here she is in a SS 2014 Prada coat outside the Michael Kors show.

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Hanne Gaby Odiele at Michael Kors

Hanne Gaby Odiele at Michael Kors

Loved this hilarious vintage Hooters sweatshirt and faux fur coat on Hanne Gaby Odiele, a top model with an irreverent sense of humor. As usual she delivers the message with a wink and a nod.

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Karolina Kurkova at Michael Kors

Bye bye, New York Fashion Week! It’s over, and here’s supermodel Karolina Kurkova for you in Michael Kors, waving goodbye after the show. Next up for me: Milan and Paris. But there are still plenty of NY Fashion Week photos to come.

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Giovanna Battaglia at Michael Kors

Giovanna Battaglia wore a fabulous metallic gold trench coat to yesterday’s Michael Kors show. It flashed in the sunlight as she walked across Lincoln Plaza – a cool fashion superhero effect!

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Amanda Hearst at Michael Kors

Amanda Hearst looked so sharp in Michael Kors at the designer’s show. The graphic red pants and black and white striped sweater are both au courant and totally wearable.

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Think Pink, Lincoln Center Plaza

Maybe it’s just because of Reese Witherspoon’s wedding dress, but the color pink seems to be on the brain for a lot of fashionable people these days. If you buy nothing else this season, let it be a brightly colored bag like this one – though the gorgeous ring and bracelet aren’t too shabby either.

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Joanna Hillman at Michael Kors

Many women at fashion week are fashionably dressed, but Joanna Hillman of Harper’s Bazaar is a street chic superstar (not just here but in Japan!) because her personal style is totally relatable. This outfit provides an excellent lesson for all women in mixing patterns: leopard and sailor stripes, both great on their own, can look fantastic when mixed together with a keen eye for proportion and balance. Love the side swept braid, too.

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Filipa Fino at Michael Kors

Vogue Senior Accessories Editor Filipa Fino, impeccably turned out in a Chanel dress and button-up over-the-knee boots (which Carine also has) at the Michael Kors show.

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Sarah Rutson at Michael Kors

Always ahead of the curve, Sarah Rutson was even a step ahead in her choice of occupations as fashion director at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong – long before editors and designers started flocking to China. Here she wears her signature sporty but feminine look with leggings, a fur vest and fringed scarf. Also note the lace-up boots. (more…)

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Amanda Brooks at Michael Kors

Amanda Brooks, the new fashion director of Barneys, has been impeccably dressed all week. Here at the Michael Kors Fall 2011 show in a blue suede skirt, navy ribbed top and open-toe, fur-trimmed stilettos.

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Michael Kors SS2011

This show always seems to take place on a beautiful sunny morning, whether it’s September or February. At 10am last Wednesday, a mix of socialites, editors and buyers arrived at Lincoln Center Plaza for Michael Kors’ spring 2011 show.

“Greige” jacket with amazing architectural folds. Sheath dresses that hit just below the knee are the outfit of choice for the ladies-who-lunch set this fall. (more…)

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CFDA Awards Red Carpet and Full Fashion Analysis!

One great thing about a black tie event for the fashion industry? You’ll never be bored. Guests at the Swarovski-sponsored CFDA Awards last night wore daring, dazzling looks with no worries of playing it safe for the mass media, since this 7th Avenue version of the Oscars is a little more sheltered than the Hollywood event. That’s not to say the women and men here weren’t elegantly dressed: fabulous gowns and tuxes abounded, but look closely and you’ll see towering shoes, short hemlines and plunging necklines that really pushed the envelope in terms of what works for the red carpet.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen, CFDA Awards

Sarah Jessica Parker created the biggest stir of the night in a gorgeous, art nouveau-style Alexander McQueen gown. She presented a Board of Directors Special Tribute Award to the late designer at the ceremony.

The best red carpet looks: Alexa Chung, Emile de Ravin, Jessica Biel, Dree Hemingway, Irina Lazareanu, Sasha Pivovarova and many more – all photos by Gastro Chic! (more…)

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Michael Kors

Michael Kors‘ popular appeal comes from more than just Project Runway: His clothes are both luxurious and wearable. Attendees at last week’s show included the usual set of editors and buyers plus deep-pocketed customers and the stylists who represent them.

Kate Lanphear at Michael Kors

Elle’s Kate Lanphear in a chic drop-waist, double-breasted gray coat, black sunglasses and an onyx ring. This is what’s so great about her style: it’s very personal. When everyone else is doing a cinched waist coat, she does a dropped-waist coat. (more…)

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Outside Barneys, Lunchtime

The Red Flash of LouboutinsAnna Wintour may be joining forces with Michael Bloomberg to create a customer initiative for New York, but the well-dressed crowd outside Barneys on Madison Avenue the other day suggested that some people are still shopping – or at least still looking good.


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Fashion Week FS08: Project Runway

The Project Runway show was tons of fun. The glamour! The suspense! The novelty of watching a fashion show with people who are still enthusiastic about fashion!

Thoughts on the show itself, which had five finalists and is up on NY Mag.

Sweet P – lots of purple, cute tailored suits, and the kind of dreamy music you’d associate with Sweet P.

Chris – lots of drama, but what’s up with the crushed velvet? The 90′s aren’t back yet.

Jillian – definitely the most commercial collection. You could just imagine this in the windows at Barneys. Beautifully cut, lots of sweaters and cigarette pants to balance out metallic evening wear. References to Balenciaga, Michael Kors, and of course, Ralph Lauren. Upbeat, fun music that made it feel like a professional show.

Rami – I just don’t like his style, especially in teal. No one clapped for this outfit. It screams Russian mafia bride to me. Lugubrious music.

Christian – brilliant as usual, if totally impractical. His label should be called “Dry Clean Only.” Copious amounts of ruffles, which he did in a horizonal ombre in one stunning belted cocktail dress. References to Prada and Alexander McQueen. A soundtrack like something Kelly would write. Let me borrow that top!

And here’s who came to the show.

Love the kohl eyes and platinum hair on the left. Fur jacket paired with PVC leggings a la Kate Moss. Toggle coat on the right.
This is actually a short sleeved black and white coat paired with long gray wool gloves. Skirt with zipper detail – how apropos.
Great accessories and hair.
A pop of spring color.
Pinstriped suit with motorcycle gloves. The red was what stood out.
Really digging this mix of drab greens with bright reds and pinks.
Basic but not boring.
Great colors mixed with neutrals.
Feathered fedora and a sparkly top. Beautiful makeup.
Full highwaisted skirt in cute black and white plaid. We’ll forgive her the Coach bag. These are fashion newbies!
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