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Kids’ Fashion, Madison Avenue

It’s amazing how some things never go out of style in preppy kids fashion, namely polo shirts, docksiders and Stan Smiths – the same thing kids were wearing when I was growing up. Two great summer looks for boys on Madison Avenue.

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Vintage Khaki Jumpsuit, Madison Avenue

Really loved this fashion forward look on a man on Madison Avenue. The khaki jumpsuit is vintage, but it echoes Phillip Lim‘s critically acclaimed menswear collection.

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Houndstooth Trousers, Madison Avenue

Whenever non-fashion industry friends ask me to name a big new trend, I tell them “wide-legged trousers.” Inevitably they shriek in horror. How can wide-legged trousers possibly look good on anyone but a model? This is how. They’re actually very flattering, since they elongate the legs. Hers make a particularly bold statement in houndstooth, but neutrals work just as well.

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Cinched-Waist Parka, Madison Avenue

As much as we love coats – camel coats, winter white coats, print coats, belted coats – it is the parka that gets the most play when the weather drops below freezing. But the Norma Kamali sleeping-bag style of years past has been feminized. This winter’s parkas, like this one in army green, often feature cinched waists, even flared skirts. Best of all, they’re fabulously warm.

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Fur Coat and Knit Hat, Madison Avenue, January

In the mid to late ’80s, possibly the last time fur was as popular as it is now, the typical socialite look was a lavish mink worn with no hat, just a blowout and heels. This time around, fur coats come in a variety of forms including faux, they’re worn by a variety of people, and they’re often paired with more casual accessories like knit hats – a downtown spin on an uptown classic.

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Madison Avenue, November

Just before the cold came bearing down on us, jackets and sheer stockings were on display on Madison Avenue. Fortunately many of these looks can still carry you through the winter – just add warm accessories.

Camel coats have been around for so long that you have to be careful not to look like your grandma in one of them. One solution: go short for a flirty look, seen here with stockings and heels. (more…)

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Transition Wear, Fall 2010

Dressing for the transition from summer to fall is always a little tricky, but a few rules hold true every year. Bright colors cede to black, white, and neutrals, and for fall 2010, patterns are giving away to minimalist looks in solid colors. Many women are opting for outfits of all-black or all-white, or mixing neutrals with either. Hemlines may be dropping to maxi-length later this season, but for now you’ll still see plenty of short skirts and shorts still around.

Black and Neutrals, Madison Ave

Beige gets a lot more exciting for fall 2010 fashion. (more…)

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Rainy Day Wear

It’s the kind of outfit you don’t want to think about but can’t really avoid: what to wear on a chilly, rainy spring day. Along with the proliferation of trenches, military field jackets get put to the test in rainy weather, when a large hood is the perfect defense against drizzle. More surprising this spring: the number of white jackets, jeans and even all-white outfits that made an appearance on a rainy day on Madison Avenue.

I Heart NY, Rainy Day Wear

The emblematic New York rainy day look? A $4 black umbrella from one of the “umbrella umbrella” guys, mixed here with the cute schoolgirlish outfit of a striped scarf and I Love NY sweatshirt. The chambray color of her jeans is right on trend as well. (more…)

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Outside Barneys, Lunchtime

The Red Flash of LouboutinsAnna Wintour may be joining forces with Michael Bloomberg to create a customer initiative for New York, but the well-dressed crowd outside Barneys on Madison Avenue the other day suggested that some people are still shopping – or at least still looking good.


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Madison Avenue and 60th Street

Shoppers and fashionable people travel the route between Barneys and Bergdorf’s on a November afternoon.

Leather accessories in beautiful fall colors.
Three young women exchange a taxi.
Schoolgirls – one with trench coat and cell phone.
Woolen shorts.
Traveling in style with bicycle and briefcase.
Man with scarves and family.
Metallic bag.
Black crocodile Birkin bag.
A well-tailored coat.

Black leather jackets can be hard for guys to pull off, but this one does it with panache by mixing it with preppy picks.
Tina Brown with Goyard bag.
Family of three.
Fluorescent soled sneakers.
Jamee Gregory pops in yellow.
Wide-legged pants and winter white coat.
An interesting mix of color.
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More on Madison

Looking for street chic is a little like fishing: When you find a lucky spot in the pond, you come back to it. Madison and 58th is just such a place in Manhattan’s fashion pool.

white dress and black tights
Chanel and Louis Vuitton
all white
a quirky granny look

pocket squares

white trench
silver accessories
a ladylike look
the disheveled intellectual look

paint-splattered jeans

Not sure if this scarf shirt is Anne Fontaine or Doo.Ri for Gap. They are awfully similar.
Shanghai Tang robes are a fave among women in the market for maternity wear. The further along you get, the more toggles you unbutton.

white dress and brown bag
pixie haircut
nice use of color
cropped jacket and gold shoes
ties for fun?

Mexican top
Pucci tie

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