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Cleo Wade at the 2017 Whitney Gala

The stars align at this time of year, when glittery spring benefit parties intersect with longer daylight hours, allowing us to see some eveningwear trends on the street. At the Whitney Gala and Studio party last night, which raised $5.1M for the museum, artist Cleo Wade wore a long slouchy, long sleeved dress with chunky white heels. The covered-up trend continues, even in eveningwear.

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Black and White Newsprint Skirt, Parisian Ball

Another cute look from this weekend’s Parisian Ball on Governor’s Island: this black and white outfit including a newsprint skirt. The hat and faux pearls are fun and hark back to that other big Governor’s Island event, the Jazz Age Lawn Party.

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Parisa at H&M

Whenever I go to parties, I’m secretly on the lookout for fashion inspiration from the other guests. Parisa, who works for H&M, mastered the sartorial mix of work and play at the H&M Conscious Collection party last week. The loose, velvet flocked black jacket has a boho flair for evening, but the crisp white blouse and printed pants (both H&M) are perfectly suitable for work. Most importantly: black ankle boots that have a heel but not too high a heel. You want to be able to work the party!

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H&M Conscious Collection

Fast fashion: we all love it, but it comes at a price. As fun as it is to snap up new pieces from inexpensive fast fashion retailers just a few months after trends appear on the runway, those old trends have to go somewhere to die. H&M is the first major retailer to not only encourage customers to recycle used clothing with in-store drop boxes but to create a whole line of sustainable clothing, much of it made from recycled materials.

The second collection of H&M Conscious, a line of women’s and men’s clothing made of organic cotton, silk tencel, recycled polyester and tulle, debuted with parties across the U.S. last night, including their NYC flagship. Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley attended and posed gamely with fans who’d lined up for photos with him. Party and clothing photos, after the jump.  (more…)

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Street Chic: ByKenz Party at Catch Rooftop

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kenza Fourati celebrated the launch of her new website ByKenz with a party at the Catch rooftop earlier this week. It was a great opportunity to check out not just the website, which features beautiful fashion photography and portraits of inspiring women around the world, but a few super glamorous models off duty in their party clothes.  (more…)

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Two Boots Pizza Party

Two Boots 25th Anniversary

Last Thursday night, Two Boots Pizza celebrated 25 years in New York with a huge pizza party and free Summer Stage concert on the East River promenade. Their pizza, a mash-up of New Orleans flavors and Italian thin crust (thus the “two boots”) has always been a favorite of mine. It may be hard to imagine now, but as recently as the early ’90s in New York no one distinguished between Neapolitan or Roman pizza or talked about “cracker-like crust.” There was just pizza. You had Ray’s, John’s, Patsy’s, Lombardi’s and your neighborhood slice joint, and they all served the same sort of pizza with varying degrees of quality and cheapness.  (more…)

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What to Eat at the 2012 US Open

Major sporting events aren’t exactly known for their food, but the team behind the US Open is trying to change all that. This year they’ve brought in Iron Chef Masaharu Morimito and celebrity chefs David Burke and Tony Mantuano to create menus for several restaurants in the massive USTA center. Think butter-poached lobster, Montauk striped bass and steak, not the stadium standard of nachos smothered in Cheez Whiz. At a tasting yesterday, we got a sneak preview of several of the dishes on offer. The food here should be reason enough to carve out some time during your US Open trip for a nice meal, courtside.


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Insta-Report: RICA Swimwear Preview

It’s August, and you know what that means in the fashion world: time to start thinking about what you’ll wear next spring. RICA Swimwear designer Ava Sanjurjo got plenty of practice thinking ahead in her previous job as a trend scout, and the suits she showed at last night’s spring preview reflected several key directions in fashion.  (more…)

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Insta-Report: The Blogher Fashion Show

I’ve seen a lot of fashion shows in my time, but not until this weekend did I ever get to be in one. As part of the Blogher 2012 conference, more than a dozen bloggers walked in a show outfitted by online retailer 6pm. I was somewhat terrified of having a Carrie moment on the runway and have a newfound appreciation for professional models. Fortunately I made it through without falling, even on 6-inch Jessica Simpson platform stilettos. (They’re surprisingly comfortable, BTW.) Here are a few Instagram shots from backstage. Follow me on Instagram for up-to-the-minute fashion and food updates – especially as we head into fashion week!  (more…)

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Swedish Midsummer Festival in Battery Park

Every year the Swedish Embassy takes over a slice of Battery Park for a huge midsummer festival complete with a maypole, Swedish folk band, dancing, Swedish meatballs, pickled herring, and aquavit. Even if you aren’t remotely Swedish, it’s worth heading down here on the Friday of the solstice to toast to the longest day of the year.  (more…)

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Meredith Melling Burke at the Apollo Circle Ball

Carolina Herrera sponsored the Apollo Circle ball at the Met Museum, and many of the event hosts wore her designs. Vogue’s Meredith Melling Burke, always fashion forward, wore this whimsical mushroom-print gown from Carolina Herrera’s resort 2012 collection.

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Lauren Remington-Platt at the Apollo Circle Ball

Last week we photographed the Apollo Circle benefit at the Met Museum for Bloomberg News and got a chance to see lots of gorgeous women in equally gorgeous gowns. Lauren Remington-Platt looked smashing in black and bronze houndstooth.

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Hard Cider Revival

A sustainable-farming organization may seem an unlikely force behind a trendy new alcoholic beverage, but that’s exactly what’s happening with the Apple Project, an effort by the Glynwood Institute to help Hudson Valley apple growers stay in business by diversifying into hard cider.

Once one of the most popular beverages in America, hard cider fell prey to the Prohibition and urbanization, never quite regaining ground after the Prohibition was lifted. But the delicious new varieties being produced now will make you wonder why it ever fell out of favor. During Hard Cider Revival Week in New York, Americans and a few French cider producers have banded together to market cider with the same zeal normally reserved for Bud Light with Lime.  (more…)

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Hammer and Claws Blue Crab Festival

Live Blue Crabs, Hammer and Claws

If you live in New York and love food, chances are you’ve been to some pretty disappointing food festivals. Many are plagued by long lines, small portions, huge crowds, dwindling food supplies, limited selection and VIP favoritism. So it was a relief to find that last weekend’s Hammer and Claws Blue Crab Festival, an all-you-can-eat crab feast in NYC benefitting the Chesapeake’s Save the Bay Foundation, was the exact opposite. This was really all the crabs you – or anyone! – could ever eat. Perhaps in a lifetime.  (more…)

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