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Taco Food Truck, Chilo's

This sunny corner spot by the owners of Mayfield, also in Bed Stuy, opened just in time for outdoor dining season. The main attraction is the back patio, which in Hot Bird fashion holds several picnic tables and a food truck. It’s not quite as large a space, so you may find yourself jockeying for position during peak hours, but think of it as an excuse to make friends with your neighbors.  (more…)

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Brooklyn Crab

Dozen Medium Crabs, Brooklyn Crab

In Maryland, you have not had a true taste of summer until you’ve eaten blue crabs coated in Old Bay and served with a pitcher of cold, cheap beer in a shack right on the water. You get to this place by boat (often the fastest way), and spend the better part of an afternoon picking chunks of crab meat out of cracked shells. And yes, it is worth the effort.

Could there be a place like this in New York? (more…)

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Atrium Dumbo

Of all the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Dumbo is perhaps the most radically changed since the bad old days of early ’90s New York. Where there once were abandoned factories, artist squats and dark, deserted streets, there’s now a buzz of pedestrian activity, luxury condos and even a fancy florist taking up two storefronts. Atrium Dumbo is a sign of the times, bringing artisanal food and $13 cocktails to a once forlorn area right by the river.  (more…)

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Reynard is the latest farm-to-table-in-a-chichi-setting restaurant to hit the city, this time by Marlow & Sons chef Sean Rembold and his partner Andrew Tarlow. The new spot in the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg got some flak for being too slick and sceney, but the vibe here feels positively organic compared to the hyper-branded, focus-grouped type of restaurant that seems to be colonizing Manhattan(more…)

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Street Chic: Trilby in a Blue Polka Dot Dress, Mister Sunday


I have been wearing and seeing a lot of blue this summer – maybe it’s some sort of  psychological antidote to the heat. Blue and white polka dots in particular were on a few guests at the Mister Sunday party, including model off duty Trilby, seen here in a cute Madewell dress.

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Street Chic: Thrift Store Floral Dress, Mister Sunday

At the Mister Sunday party, this guest from College Fashionista was one of several to wear a cute and colorful dress found at a thrift store. Blame the economy, but it seems we’ve come full circle back to New York’s vintage shopping height of the mid-’90s, when Broadway thrift store Antique Boutique was cooler than any Madison Avenue flagship. If you’re craving new summer fashion but your clothing budget is already maxed out, remember: there’s always Beacon’s Closet for cheap chic.

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Street Chic: Stefany in a Vintage Floral Dress

Stefany Mohebban of the style blog Pretty in Thrift wore this cool vintage floral dress to this weekend’s Mister Sunday party in Brooklyn. The necklace is vintage too. I’ve also been noticing bright fuchsia lipstick on a lot of trendsetters.

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Street Chic: Andrea in Vintage White Overalls

At yesterday’s Mister Sunday party in Gowanus, beauty ad executive Andrea took a break from DJ Justin Carter’s set to pose in this amazing outfit of vintage white Gap overalls layered over a gray tank top. Her elaborately braided hair and the vintage glasses make the look super individualistic.

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Striped Tee and Denim Shorts, the Great Googa Mooga

Denim shorts were a popular sartorial choice at last weekend’s Great Googa Mooga festival in Prospect Park. The white flip flops and white wayfarers play off the graphic black and white stripes of her tee. Another important aspect of festival fashion? If you’re going to show those toes, make sure you have a rockin’ pedicure, like hers in electric blue.

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Zigzag Maxi Dress, the Great Googa Mooga

Patterned, free floating maxi dresses are another good option for outdoor concerts. Here a vibrant zigzag maxi dress gets paired with a wide-brimmed black hat at the Great Googa Mooga – sophisticated but casual.

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Shorts and Frye Boots, the Great Googa Mooga

Here’s another cool but practical look for outdoor concerts: denim shorts and mid-calf boots. There is no one right style of denim shorts this season. This slightly flared pair looks great with flat, rugged Frye boots, made for tromping around outside no matter what the weather. Also love how she styles it with a striped long sleeve tee and Ray Ban aviators – casual but cute.

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The Great Googa Mooga: A Blow by Blow Account

I headed to the Great Googa Mooga this weekend with the intention of live tweeting and Instagramming every second of it. This was going to be fun! A huge food and wine festival in Prospect Park, the likes of which New York had never seen before. What could go wrong?  (more…)

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Shredded Denim Shorts, the Great Googa Mooga

New Yorkers broke out their best festival wear for this weekend’s Great Googa Mooga food and music extravaganza in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. One guest wore totally shredded and destroyed denim shorts, mixing them with a black top and black and white shades. The outfit is not just cool but practical: a small cross body bag, boots, bedspread and wide brimmed hat make it easy to either dance or sit down and picnic.

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Sneak Preview: Pok Pok NY

Brussels Sprouts, Northern Thai Spicy hand-minced pork salad, wings, spicy Isaan flank steak salad, Pok Pok NY

We had the pleasure of attending a friends and family dinner at Pok Pok NY last night. Chef Andy Ricker is bringing his hit Portland restaurant east with this new venture, opening in Red Hook on Monday. The menu is nearly a duplicate of Pok Pok PDX and includes the Thai fish sauce wings at Pok Pok Wing on Rivington Street. This isn’t a full review, since the restaurant isn’t even open yet, but one thing seems certain: Pok Pok won’t be just a “great new place for the neighborhood,” as they like to say in Brooklyn, but a destination restaurant worth seeking out. A pictorial tour, after the jump.


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One of the best things about dining in New York is following the diaspora of kitchen talent from one key restaurant to its contemporaries. April Bloomfield (herself a grad of London’s River Cafe, like Jamie Oliver) has launched several chefs from the seminal gastropub the Spotted Pig, including Nate Smith, formerly of Dean Street and now the proprietor of Allswell in Williamsburg.

Allswell isn’t direct copy, so don’t come here looking for the Spotted Pig II. There are similarities, like the quirky British decor – cutesy mismatched wallpaper (surprisingly feminine for a male-owned pub), exposed wood beams, inexplicable bric a brac, those famously uncomfortable stools, but a bar you could really settle into. The space is populated with patrons who’ve mastered a particular brand of studied cool, like the Spotted Pig before it hit hundreds of guide books. But the menu and the setting feel personal and distinct.  (more…)

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