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Milk & Hops

Exterior, Milk & Hops

Wedged between a Starbucks and a Chase Bank is an unlikely interloper among the chain stores on lower Broadway: Milk & Hops, a sliver of a market and bar dedicated to all things cheese and beer.

This space has bottled beer and packaged food for sale on one side and a long marble bar running down the other. Here you can order up various spins on grilled cheese sandwiches, plus a selection of seasonally rotating cheese and beer. On a recent visit, there were some trusty cheese standbys like Bayley Hazen Blue and Kunik, but also a few rarities like Red Dragon, a Welsh cow’s milk cheese made with ale and studded with mustard seeds. (more…)

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Ganso Yaki

Dried Skate, Baby Anchovy and Squid, Ganso Yaki Brooklyn

Located on a sunny corner right near Barclays Center in Brooklyn, this spin off of Ganso Ramen specializes in Japanese street food and grilled meats and vegetables – basically everything you need to go with beer or sake. There are big wooden booths and counter seating overlooking the grill. It’s a set up that works well with what socializing New York diners seem to be craving right now: drinks and shared food.  (more…)

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The Marrow

If it’s true that “you are what you eat,” we also are what we grow up eating. Harold Dieterle, the chef behind the Thai restaurant Kin Shop and American restaurant Perilla, has gone back to his roots with the Marrow, with a menu that highlights German offerings from his father’s side, “Familie Dieterle,” and Italian dishes from his mother’s side, “Famiglia Chiarelli.”  (more…)

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Zum Schneider MTK

Zum Schneider in Montauk is one of those rare imports from Manhattan that actually fits into the neighborhood. The German beer hall – not a beer garden, since it is entirely enclosed – is luring in summer share house renters and local families alike for foosball, wiener schnitzel ($21), local scallops ($16/21) and German been on tap. (more…)

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The Great Googa Mooga: A Blow by Blow Account

I headed to the Great Googa Mooga this weekend with the intention of live tweeting and Instagramming every second of it. This was going to be fun! A huge food and wine festival in Prospect Park, the likes of which New York had never seen before. What could go wrong?  (more…)

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Hard Cider Revival

A sustainable-farming organization may seem an unlikely force behind a trendy new alcoholic beverage, but that’s exactly what’s happening with the Apple Project, an effort by the Glynwood Institute to help Hudson Valley apple growers stay in business by diversifying into hard cider.

Once one of the most popular beverages in America, hard cider fell prey to the Prohibition and urbanization, never quite regaining ground after the Prohibition was lifted. But the delicious new varieties being produced now will make you wonder why it ever fell out of favor. During Hard Cider Revival Week in New York, Americans and a few French cider producers have banded together to market cider with the same zeal normally reserved for Bud Light with Lime.  (more…)

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Hammer and Claws Blue Crab Festival

Live Blue Crabs, Hammer and Claws

If you live in New York and love food, chances are you’ve been to some pretty disappointing food festivals. Many are plagued by long lines, small portions, huge crowds, dwindling food supplies, limited selection and VIP favoritism. So it was a relief to find that last weekend’s Hammer and Claws Blue Crab Festival, an all-you-can-eat crab feast in NYC benefitting the Chesapeake’s Save the Bay Foundation, was the exact opposite. This was really all the crabs you – or anyone! – could ever eat. Perhaps in a lifetime.  (more…)

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The Lot on Tap


Interior, the Lot on Tap

It may seem like just yesterday that the August sun was beating down on us, but guess what? Oktoberfest officially begins on September 22nd. Instead of hiking out to Queens this year, Manhattanites only need to go as far as the Lot on Tap, the Colicchio-orchestrated spot under the High Line. It has the feel of the real thing in Germany – but it’s also quintessentially New York.  (more…)

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Summer Getaway: Asbury Park and Ocean Grove

New Jersey’s Asbury Park, the launching pad for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, has a rock and roll vibe you don’t find at many seaside towns. With lots of music clubs big and small, it draws a tattooed crowd that’s more indie than family. It’s hard to get bored here, with new restaurants opening every year, a great vintage pinball hall, hopping bar scene, touring bands and the occasional Bon Jovi sighting.

The perfect getaway for New Yorkers? Maybe, but there aren’t that many places to stay in still-gritty downtown Asbury. Fortunately, the antidote to Asbury debauchery can be found right next door in neighboring Ocean Grove, a former Methodist summer camp populated with historic Victorian houses, several of which have been turned into gracious B&Bs. There’s no booze to be had in this still-dry town, but the old-fashioned ice cream parlors and antique stores are the perfect counterpart to the nightlife next door.  (more…)

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New Yorkers were elated when Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich’s Italian food emporium Eataly opened last year. There was only one problem: Eataly didn’t seem to be intended for New Yorkers. A massive marketing and PR effort across the U.S. and in Europe meant that Eataly instantly filled up with tourists – even the ones who can get decent biscotti at home.

Fortunately, the Red Apple bus crowd does not seem to have discovered the new rooftop restaurant on top of Eataly yet. You’ll still be elbowed by the crowds on your way to the bar at Birreria, but at least none of those elbows will be loaded down with Century 21 bags.  (more…)

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The Dutch

If you haven’t made it to Andrew Carmellini’s new place the Dutch yet, remain calm, take a deep breath and stop speed dialing the restaurant. It may be booked for the next month, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact it could use some time to settle into itself, like a good bottle of wine that gets even better with more breathing room.

The Dutch Exterior

In the annals of the New York restaurant world, the Dutch represents an interesting play on Carmellini’s part. No longer just the chef with an award-winning Italian restaurant in Tribeca (Locanda Verde), he is stepping to center stage with this American place in Soho in the old Cub Room space. Like Blue Ribbon down the street, it’s open late, it serves fried chicken and it’s courting an industry crowd including Mario Batali, who sat placidly surveying the dining room the other night. It’s already shaping up to be the next late-night hang for chefs and food world insiders, who often tweet from the premises.  (more…)

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Berlin Guide: Dining, Drinking and Shopping

Henne Wirtshaus Berlin

The Berlin that exists today is actually two cities: East and West Berlin combined. After the wall came down, the result was a vast urban expanse with lots of room for new parks, monuments, pedestrian walkways, cutting-edge architecture, and new businesses – all coexisting with historic sites like the Brandenberg Gate and the Reichstag. There is history everywhere you look here, but Berlin feels distinctly modern, a city with both an intellectual vibe and a great dining and nightlife scene.


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Vandaag may not be a German restaurant per se – the name is Dutch for “today,” and the staff will only categorize the food as “Northern European-inspired” – but Germans would probably be surprised at how popular this type of cuisine has become in New York now. During a recent trip to Berlin, our Danish and German friends pled with us after we took them to the third German restaurant in a row: Please, no more German food! In Berlin, it seems they’d much rather go out for Italian.

Not here. New restaurants Edi & the Wolf, Heartbreak and Vandaag are all serving variations on German food within a six block radius of one another – and generating a lot of buzz. Fortunately, there’s substance behind the fad at Vandaag, which brings real craftsmanship to the idea of a modern Northern European restaurant.  (more…)

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Edi & the Wolf

Interior Edi & the Wolf

We weren’t sure what to expect from Edi & the Wolf, a new Austrian place that opened on Avenue C. The stein-pounding din of Zum Schneider across the street? The restrained elegance of Kurt Gutenbrunner’s Wallsé?

Neither, as it turns out. Edi & the Wolf introduces New York diners to a different breed of Austrian restaurant, the type that’s usually attached to a wine cellar and serves typical Austrian fare like schnitzel and spätzle. It’s the brainchild of Eduard Frauneder and Wolfgang Ban of Seäsonal, an Austrian place that was overlooked by many New York critics until it earned a Michelin star(more…)

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Rye House

Of all the qualities you can manufacture in a new restaurant – flattering lighting, good music, a smoky barbecue smell – the most elusive is fun. The other ingredients can come together perfectly, but if that feeling of good times is missing in the center, the final product can still fall flat.

Rye House in the Flatiron District is a relatively recent addition to the scene, but it already feels like a lot of good times have been had here. This may be largely because of the bar, which dominates a spacious front room and is manned by Lynnette Marrero and Jim Kearns, formerly of Freeman’s. Classic cocktails and a large selection of beer on tap draw in a big after-work crowd of the Park Bar variety – i.e., lots of guys. (more…)

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