Santaella, San Juan, PR

Dining Room, Santaella

On our second trip to Puerto Rico, we stayed in San Juan, where you have not just the beautiful beaches of Isla Verde but also the sophisticated restaurants that are part and parcel of a life in a big city. San Juan, founded by the Spanish in 1521, is a rambling mash up of old and new. In the Santurce neighborhood surrounding La Placita, a crowd comes out to drink and dance salsa on a Friday night, spilling out of the Taburna Los Vazquez and onto the streets, where you can go buy a mojito or a greyhound made with freshly squeezed grapefruit and stroll through the plaza.  (more…)

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More New Orleans Eats

New Orleans is one the top culinary destinations in the world, so I am particularly lucky to have a brother and sister-in-law who live there. There are countless places to while away the time while you’re in New Orleans, but here a few more – in addition to Cochon – that we enjoyed the most. (more…)

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