Lunch: Pok Pok Phat Thai

For some reason the city’s Thai restaurant entrepreneurs seem to have banded together and decided that what we want is fast casual spots with uniform wood-and-polished-metal design schemes and heaping portions of sweet, bland noodles. So it’s a relief to walk into Pok Pok Phat Thai and find someplace just a little bit weird.  (more…)

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Sneak Preview: Pok Pok NY

Brussels Sprouts, Northern Thai Spicy hand-minced pork salad, wings, spicy Isaan flank steak salad, Pok Pok NY

We had the pleasure of attending a friends and family dinner at Pok Pok NY last night. Chef Andy Ricker is bringing his hit Portland restaurant east with this new venture, opening in Red Hook on Monday. The menu is nearly a duplicate of Pok Pok PDX and includes the Thai fish sauce wings at Pok Pok Wing on Rivington Street. This isn’t a full review, since the restaurant isn’t even open yet, but one thing seems certain: Pok Pok won’t be just a “great new place for the neighborhood,” as they like to say in Brooklyn, but a destination restaurant worth seeking out. A pictorial tour, after the jump.


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Kin Shop

Good food is a lot like good clothing in one regard: Surround yourself with enough cheap copies, and you’ll forget what the real thing is like. Such has been the case for Thai food in the Village over the past 10 years. While Korean and Japanese restaurants have gone up and up in quality and stature, authentic Thai places like Holy Basil went on the decline as numerous “Asian fusion” concept restaurants piled in, angling for customers (NYU students) by plying them with the lowest common denominator of the nation’s cuisine (sugar).

Red Snapper, Kin Shop

All it takes is one look at the menu outside the door to divine that Kin Shop, the new restaurant by Perilla chef Harold Dieterle, is not for students. Several of the shared entree dishes are in the $20+ range, and the green-tinged decor beyond the plate glass windows is sophisticated if casual. We went in hoping to rediscover the true draw of Thai cuisine: a complex mix of flavors and spice, spice, spice. (more…)

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