Black and Red: David Thielebeule at Tory Burch SS2018

A cool day-to-night look on David Thielebeule, who’s just as comfortable hopping from city to city for fashion weeks as he is chilling out in the country. As I know, because after seeing him in New York, Milan and Paris, I ran into him in a Westchester apple orchard! Great minds think alike? He’s always well dressed, no matter what the occasion. I like that this look is just the tiniest bit disco and therefore very on trend.

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CFDA Fashion Incubator

Bracelets, Dezso by Sarah Beltran

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) may be best known for crowning established, successful American designers as at last night’s CFDA Awards, but they also help out a select few emerging designers along the way. A recent CFDA Fashion Incubator showcase spotlighted up-and-coming talents who should be on your radar.  (more…)

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Take the Survey: Sustainability in Fashion

Photo courtesy of A Clean Future

What goes into your fashion shopping choices: simply looks, price and quality, or something more? OK, you are probably not as much of a pack rat as this girl in the photo, but fast fashion has made it all too easy to snap up new pieces without thinking much about where they came from or where they will end up.

Meanwhile, try shopping at Whole Foods without the same level of awareness. The food industry has surpassed the fashion industry in labeling products in terms of sustainability, with more consistent, clear standards across the board.

A Clean Future, a think tank dedicated to evaluating and documenting climate change and sustainable initiatives, has developed a survey to gauge consumer awareness of sustainability in fashion. This summer I helped test and tweak the survey before it was released to the public. Take it to share your ideas. They’re using the results to recommend new practices for communicating sustainability information to consumers.

Survey: Fashion and Sustainability

Otherwise the big pile o clothes is just an elephant in the room.

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H&M Conscious Collection

Fast fashion: we all love it, but it comes at a price. As fun as it is to snap up new pieces from inexpensive fast fashion retailers just a few months after trends appear on the runway, those old trends have to go somewhere to die. H&M is the first major retailer to not only encourage customers to recycle used clothing with in-store drop boxes but to create a whole line of sustainable clothing, much of it made from recycled materials.

The second collection of H&M Conscious, a line of women’s and men’s clothing made of organic cotton, silk tencel, recycled polyester and tulle, debuted with parties across the U.S. last night, including their NYC flagship. Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley attended and posed gamely with fans who’d lined up for photos with him. Party and clothing photos, after the jump.  (more…)

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Instareport: Launch Party is one of the biggest online shopping sites in the UK with fun, trendy looks inspired by the runway. Now they’re shipping to the U.S. To celebrate, the site hosted a party last night in which they recreated the legendary Manchester nightclub the Hacienda, even flying in DJ’s who spun at the original club in its heyday in the 70s.  (more…)

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Instareport: Shoptiques Party


Last night was the one-year anniversary party of, the online shopping site that enables independently-owned boutiques to sell their clothing and accessories online. It’s a great option for those of us who like the convenience of online shopping but want to find that unique piece.


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Fashionista Gift Guide 2012

There may be some fashionistas out there who aren’t materialists, but if so, I have never met them. You don’t have to break the bank, though, to get the look and feel of luxury. Here are 20 gift ideas for the fashion person in your life – and most are under $100!


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How to Wear Summer Clothes Into Fall

Though fashion industry insiders may be known for spearheading the next new thing, they don’t change out their entire wardrobes as soon as Labor Day ends. In fact, they often wear summer favorites into fall – and use them to showcase new fall purchases.
Here are some tips from Paris Fashion Week for how to gracefully transition from summer to fall looks, as seen on guests and models at the shows. 

more (more…)

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New Accessory Line: Sequence

Sequence Necklace 2, Poppy

Fashion stylist and former InStyle staffer Ariela Suster recently returned to her native El Salvador to create a line of jewelry and bags. The results were on display at the launch party at Poppy last night: handmade, high-quality accessories that incorporate traditional El Salvadoran craftwork with great materials.


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Gastronomie 491

One of the things I miss most about Milan and Paris is not, as you might expect, fancy restaurants. What I do miss are the numerous coffee counters in Milan when you could just step in and get an excellent-quality espresso or macchiato for a couple of euros and down it in an instant. In Paris, I miss the gourmet take-out shops right near the Saint Paul metro stop: Aux Désirs de Manon for bread and quiche, Au Sanglier for beautiful terrines, and Pascal Trotté for cheese. There was never any reason to cook anything, even though I had a kitchen there, when there was so much tempting food to take home.

Cheese Counter 2, Gastronomie 491

Finally New York is catching up to Europe with the introduction of Gastronomie 491 to the Upper West Side. This little shop has all kinds of salads, meat, fish and sides you might like for a home cooked meal – if you actually felt like cooking. But why bother when chef Steven Gutterman can do it for you, most likely with much better results?


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The Under $100 Fashionista Gift Guide

Chances are the fashionista in your life has expensive tastes. But just because you’re not going to spring for those Alaia shoes on her list doesn’t mean you have to rummage through the bargain bin. Here are 12 gifts under $100 that will appeal to the fashion-forward woman without seriously denting your wallet.  (more…)

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The Amalfi Coast: What to Wear

The Amalfi Coast may be the beach, technically speaking, but a suitcase full of cut-offs and old T-shirts won’t get you very far here. Italians dress in a polished, pulled-together style at all times, and they’re very conscious of the quality of clothing and accessories. The gorgeous light here calls for saturated colors in lightweight materials – so say arrivederci to your urban jungle uniform.


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14 Great Maxi Skirts

As we saw this past spring at during Fashion Week, maxi skirts are stealing the show for spring/summer 2011. Flowy and feminine, in solid pastels, romantic florals or graphic prints, they’re a breeze to wear even in the hottest weather. Whereas dresses in this length can overwhelm non-models, long skirts look great on average-height women.

These 14 maxi skirts range from $23 into the hundreds of dollars – though since this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it may be time to splurge.


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The New Solar Cell Phone Charger

Isn’t it such a bummer when you’re on the beach soaking up rays and all the solar energy you need is, like, right there for charging your phone, yet your phone is dead? Tap into the sun’s power on the go with the new compact Piggy Power Bank, which can charge iPhones, iPods, Blackberries, and most mobile phones and MP3 players. There have been solar chargers before, but rarely have they been this portable: The new Piggy Power Bank is just 2 x 4 x 1/2 inches, about the same size as your phone. Consider it the new beach bag essential.

Piggy Power Bank, $38 at Flight 001.

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Opening Ceremony Red Cross Japan Tee

photos by Tim Barber courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony has created a limited edition tee to benefit the Red Cross’ efforts in Japan. Modeled here by actresses Rinko Kikuchi and Jenny Shimizu, the shirt is $30 (all proceeds go to the Red Cross) and makes a meaningful fashion statement. Note that Kikuchi is modeling an oversize version and Shimizu cut the sleeves off hers. Feel free to customize yours for a similarly personalized feel.

Opening Ceremony blog: OC Ts in Support of Japan

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