The Copycat Chef: Asparagus with Deep-Fried Egg


This spring, ABC Kitchen served up a delectable appetizer of wood-grilled asparagus topped with a crispy, runny, just-slightly-spicy deep fried egg. It’s the sort of miracle work with eggs that you’d expect from a James Beard award-winning restaurant, but when we started craving it afterwards, we wondered if there a way to recreate this dish at home.

We gave it a shot, starting with a Bon Appetit recipe for deep fried eggs and tweaking it from there. As for the asparagus, there’s a fairly foolproof way to make asparagus like this on a regular stovetop, without the wood-burning grill.

Though I can’t say my version is as crazy good as the ABC Kitchen appetizer, it’s pretty good for a home-cooked version. And it can be adapted as a mostly make-ahead dish – the perfect dazzler for a dinner party.



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