New Accessory Line: Sequence

Sequence Necklace 2, Poppy

Fashion stylist and former InStyle staffer Ariela Suster recently returned to her native El Salvador to create a line of jewelry and bags. The results were on display at the launch party at Poppy last night: handmade, high-quality accessories that incorporate traditional El Salvadoran craftwork with great materials.

Sequence Necklace 1, Poppy

Think of the woven necklaces as a sort of high art bungie cord: they’re made of elastic hand-wrapped in colorful thread. Priced from $125 to $240, they’re an excellent way to experiment with a pop of neon color this spring without doing it head to toe.

Sequence Woven Bag, Poppy

Bags ($168 to $295) are made of hand-loomed cloth in traditional El Salvadoran patterns, then edged with soft leather and lined within. They’re perfect for summer in the city or at the beach – if you could bear to set one down on the sand.

Sequence Drawstring Bag, Poppy

Sequence Burlap and Drawstring Bags, Poppy

Ariela Suster at Poppy

One reason Suster, pictured here in her designs, decided to start the line: these crafts are slowly disappearing, and starting the business was a way to teach a new generation how to do this traditional handiwork. Now there are 15 employees in El Salvador creating accessories for Sequence.

Sequence Opening Party, Poppy

For now, they’re available solely at Poppy, the tempting Nolita boutique. In three weeks, the line will be on sale at (available for pre-order now) and also on Shopbop.

Sequence Bracelet, Poppy

Poppy’s party will go on through the weekend and is open to all. Don’t expect to escape unscathed, however: I didn’t make it out without buying this Sequence bracelet ($48), one of the best sellers of the night.

available at Poppy
281 Mott Street, between Prince and Houston Streets
New York, NY

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