Best Vintage Punch Bowls

As you probably know by now, punch is “in.” The trend gained ground in New York a couple years ago through cocktail experts like Phil Ward of Death & Co. and Julie Reiner of Clover Club, and now there’s an entire bar in Williamsburg dedicated to punch (and sailing), the Drink. Meanwhile, people unaware of the trendiness of punch are just trying to get rid of punch bowls accumulated during the time when everyone and their grandmother owned a punch bowl.

Given the laws of supply and demand, as Trendcentral points out, there are some great deals to be had on vintage punch bowls. We rounded up a few of the best for under $100 from Etsy and eBay for your buying and bidding pleasure. If you entertain, it is so easy to mix up a huge vat of cocktails like Phil Ward’s Mother’s Ruin Punch, Julie Reiner’s Sparkling Holiday Punch or David Wondrich’s adaptation of 1869’s Yale College Punch. The olds knew best: punch is a fun – and economical – way to get your drink on, anytime of year.

Vintage Culver Ltd. Punch Bowl ($36.99)

Vintage Glass Punch Bowl ($68)

Vintage White Milk Glass Punch Bowl ($39.95)

Vintage Forest Green Punch Bowl with 12 cups ($65)

Vintage Brown Glass Punch Bowl Set ($28)

Silver Plate Queen Anne Style Punch Bowl ($95)

Vintage Iridescent Lime Punch Bowl Set ($53.50)

Large Sheffield England Silver Plate Punch Bowl ($74.99)

Vintage Glass Punch Bowl and Cups ($65)

Crystal Punch Bowl Set with Reed and Barton Ladle ($76.55)

Silverplate Punchbowl Set with Cups and Ladle ($19.99)

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