Calvin Klein SS2011

The Calvin Klein show makes for great people watching, but West 39th Street outside the studio gets really, really crowded. A narrow corridor forms with celebrities coming in on one side and boxes being wheeled out the service entrance on the other. At least it’s a reminder that it still takes a lot of elbow grease to run this show.

When the fashion shows move around town (and around the world), a flock of exotic birds follows them: the elaborately-attired invitees who land among regular civilians, then take off until the next season.

A celeb in a white sheath dress walks by the service entrance, then is ushered back in front of the waiting paparazzi.

Meredith Melling Burke in one of this fall’s must-have outfits – camel-colored sweater and wide-legged trousers. The Hermes belt is eternally chic, too.

Rain jacket and leopard bag.

A daring vivid red suit and Kate Moss tee.

Rachel Zoe in tinted shades and a belted black trench dress.

Fabulous rock n roll look of a Stones tee plus short shorts and gladiator sandals.

Kate Lanphear in a faded denim vest and white button down shirt with tails.

Great personal style – combining totally thrashed jeans and tailored sweatshirt top with a sequin bag.

Robbie Myers in black and white.

Redhead in blue silk pants.

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