There’s not really a name for the 3pm Sunday meal, but a good one might be “linner.” By then you’ve probably tired of eggs but may be hard pressed to find a place that’s not still serving brunch. Go to a place where lunch and dinner food has always been part of the breakfast menu – like the West Coast-style, bare bones Mexican restaurant Viva in Red Hook.

Guacamole, Viva

If I were Mexican and homesick, I would come here for Viva’s fresh, amazingly good guacamole ($6) prepared with exactly the right mix of sweet white onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and rich avocado. Served with homemade chips, it’s the perfect antidote for mid afternoon hunger, and as D. pointed out, life is too short for bad guacamole.

Tostadas, Viva

You can taste the char of the grilled chicken on the tostadas ($6), just as you can in the Yucatan. Prettily presented for such cheap eats, the tostadas come topped with the right kind of cheese and dressed with a sauce that tastes of roasted peppers.

Enchiladas, Viva

Enchiladas ($9.50) are melt-in-your-mouth good. Masa, not Americanized sauce, is the binding agent between the barbacoa beef and the soft flour tortilla topped with melted cheese. The black beans are more smoky than sweet, a nice contrast.

All we’ll say about drinks is that you should make sure you understand what the full beverage selection is before you order. There may be additional items not on the menu.

Will Mexican cheap eats be the next burger/pizza/fried chicken? If a few small but influential taquerias have anything to do with it, maybe so.

116 Sullivan Street, between Van Brunt and Conover Streets
Red Hook
Brooklyn, NY

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