superdive-2Wanted: Information leading to the apprehension of Superdive, a new bar on Avenue A

A source informs us that this dark space filled with bar stools opens late night as a BYOB bar. The space is said to contain a piano, and said piano can be played by patrons. The owners are unknown, as are the origins of this bar.

The suspect is believed to be less than a week old. The windows were dark when we last saw it, but it can be identified by the address, 200 Avenue A at 12th Street, New York, NY, a “Superdive” sign taped on the window, and a very large “Superdive” sign sitting on the bar inside.

If you have any information leading to the origins, opening date, or alleged piano of Superdive, please report in the comments section below.

200 Avenue A, between 12th and 13th Streets
646-448-4854 (call ahead for keg reservations)
kegmaster @



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  1. AEM says:

    Urban Daddy had the following to report today:

    This story is a warning.

    You are about to enter a world of crazy—an all-out, raucous, beautiful disaster of a bar that will eat you alive if you let it.

    Let’s get right to it: meet Superdive, now taking keg service (yes, seriously) reservations for their grand East Village opening next week. Enter at your own risk…

    Now, the first rule of Superdive is that there are no rules. You can mix your own cocktail behind the bar if you like. There’s no door policy—anyone can come in. You can order a round of beers or a keg of beer, and a cocktail waitress will deliver the keg to your table in a rolling kegerator. You can even sit down and play their Steinway piano underneath a large applause sign.

    It’s total lawlessness in bar form. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you walk into quite possibly one of the least adorned bars you’ll ever see—the walls are maroon, the banquettes have floral patterns and there’s even a row of protected seats for ladies who don’t want to deal with gentlemanly advances, delicately dubbed the “f*ck off seats.”

    Just drop in with a few (or more) friends, carve out one of the booths along the wall, order up a keg (more exotic orders, like Hitachino or Chimay, take 48 hours, but they have regular kegs in stock), take over the iPod and walk out eight hours later not recalling much of what just happened.

    In other words, just like a good dive bar experience, only supersized.

  2. Meatwad says:

    Check out the link

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. It looks even more glamorous in UD’s photos! I’m psyched to check this place out, BUT I don’t know about the mixing your own drinks dealio. In my experience random bar patrons are pretty retarded at mixing drinks – and by that I also mean slow.

    I wonder how they will charge people??

  4. Beelove says:

    I’m sure the bartender will give you the alcohol and the patrons will have a mixer section where they can put whatever the want into their cup of vodka or whatever.

  5. C-Whip says:

    Sounds pretty sweet. Does anyone know how to contact them to book a keg for next week’s “grand opening?” The number on seems to be unattended. Cheers!

  6. I don’t know any more about this place than UD does at the moment, but I’ll stop by as soon as it’s open to check it out and re-post about it – hopefully with more contact details! thx for reading

  7. nyx says:

    call the number, it does work- takes a couple of tries. the voicemail will tell you to call another 917 #, which is the main contact for booking

    any place that lets you order a keg.. is probably a good time in my book

  8. superdiver says:

    Superdive opens Thursday June 25th. Come down, pour yourself a drink, and see what all the haters seem to know before it’s even open, is all about.

  9. B says:

    I went to a private event here last weekend as a “test-run.” It was AWESOME. You pay $5 for a “POUR YOUR OWN” drink. Literally – it can be a glass of wine, a beer, or an entire cup full of straight vodka. The atmosphere was super laid-back and it’s a really good set-up for mingling. In the end, you have an amazing time for less than one drink at any other bar.

  10. sts says:

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