West Chelsea Galleries

This past Saturday, the New Yorker held a “Passport to the Arts” event that brought hundreds of people out to art galleries across the city. Of course, you don’t need a New Yorker festival to check out the latest works of art. Excellent exhibits such as Edward Burtynsky’s photo series “Oil” at the Hasted Hund Kraeutler Gallery on West 24th Street are still on view now.

Draped Scarf, West Chelsea

Something about taking gallery tours makes people want to dress cool. Saturday’s crowd didn’t disappoint. Her oversize blazer, draped scarf with metallic trim and black sunglasses are the ultimate in chic simplicity.

Fur-Trimmed Scarf and Gold Shoes

A note of texture and metallics takes an otherwise neutral outfit up a notch – gold oxfords, fur-trimmed scarf.

Blue Dress, West Chelsea

High glamour in ice blue.

Dapper Couple, West Chelsea

A dapper couple. I think I will always love corduroys for men.

Plaid Cape, West Chelsea

Country looks, city style: a plaid cape with brown boots and bag.

Camel Coat, West Chelsea

Kind of fascinated by this woman dressed all in camel.

Black Frame Glasses, West Chelsea

The best looks were simple but subtly luxurious, like this one. A fur-trimmed jacket, green houndstooth and striped scarf, and excellent black framed glasses all add up to the intellectual flaneur.

Layers of Knitwear, West Chelsea

Layers and layers of knitwear. Seeing lots of mushroom cap knit hats like these now, in the stores and on the streets.

Leopard Bag, West Chelsea

A leopard bag and suede jacket.

Combat Boots, West Chelsea

Love this woman’s look: the quirky buns, bright colors and combat boots. Art for art’s sake.

Military Jacket, West Chelsea

A cute combination of different elements adds up to one good outfit. Look for more of these military anoraks in the spring.

Brown Suede Boots, West Chelsea

A classic navy double-breasted coat with gold buttons never goes out of style.

Avant Garde in Black, West Chelsea

A sculptural black coat worn with an oversize inky black sweatshirt. It works, especially with big black boots.

Black Bag and Boots, West Chelsea

A little bit obsessed with this bag. A simple black bag with gold accents and buckles is exactly the right thing now.

Satchel Bag, West Chelsea

Here’s another good black bag, this time in satchel format. I like how she’s paired it and black jeans with weathered light brown boots.

Studded Biker Jacket, West Chelsea

A biker jacket with studs.

Red Scarf and Bag, West Chelsea

A red bag and red chiffon scarf look great with all black.

Black and White Hat, West Chelsea

Quirky black and white hat.

Trench and Red Lipstick, West Chelsea

Nice contrast between the menswear-inspired trench and black boots and the flash of super feminine red lipstick.

Blue Plaid Coat, West Chelsea

Sometimes all you need is one good coat to make the entire outfit.

Vintage Green, West Chelsea

Vintage queen in green.

Man in a Scarf, West Chelsea

How to wear a scarf now.

Burberry Scarf, West Chelsea

More understated luxe: A Burberry scarf with very nice black boots and bag.

Toggle Coat, West Chelsea

A toggle coat and black ski cap – casual but stylish.

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