Diane von Furstenberg Show SS10 – Front Row!

We got a special look at the Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2010 front row, which was packed not just with the usual fashion crowd but with DVF pals and luminaries like Graydon Carter, propietor of the crazy-hot Monkey Bar and the Waverly Inn. When Carter and his friend Fran Lebowitz were asked if they could be photographed together, Lebowitz quipped, “Oh good. I’ll look young.”

Graydon Carter and Fran Lebowitz, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

They both have great taste in blazers.

Tons of celebs and fashion faves – Michelle Tractenberg, Peaches Geldof, Carine Roitfeld and more after the jump.

Model outside Diane von Furstenberg show

A model takes a break outside. Really cute hair and makeup. DVF was one of several designers who had their models in braids.

Classic Beauty, Diane von Furstenberg Show

Classic beauty: black sunglasses, red lips, and a flash of bling at the ears.

Sarah Rutson at Diane von Furstenberg

Sarah Rutson looking amazing in Alexander Wang.

Fern Mallis at Diane von Furstenberg

Fern Mallis in blue.

Waiting in the Front Row, Diane von Furstenberg

Blue cardigan and print skirt, DVF front row.

Lauren Ezersky, Diane von Furstenberg show

Lauren Ezersky in her signature all-black.

Animal Print: Two DVF Dresses, Diane von Furstenberg show

Diane von Furstenberg leopard-print dress and Chanel bag.

Front Row at Diane von Furstenberg

Great legs! And LV bag, too.

Patricia Field Fielding Interviews, Diane von Furstenberg show

Patricia Field fields interviews in the Diane von Furstenberg front row.

Two DVF Dresses, Diane von Furstenberg show

Two DVF dresses. Perhaps at Diane von Furstenberg more than any other show, the guests wear the designer. Almost every NYC woman has at least something by DVF – and her clothes only come back in style.

Blazers, Diane von Furstenberg show

His and hers gray jackets – hers with a little bling.

Suzy Menkes with DVF bag, Diane von Furstenberg show

Suzy Menkes shows off a classic DVF bag.

White Blouse and Black Boots, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Love the combination of a feminine, white eyelet blouse with tough, lace up boots.

Simon Doonan with Monogrammed Goyard Bag, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Simon Doonan with a monogrammed Goyard bag – fabu!

Olivier Zahm and Peaches Geldof, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine and Peaches Geldof.

Carine Roitfeld and Terry Richardson, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Terry Richardson and Carine Roitfeld. Carine is rocking the Karl Lagerfeld look with those mirrored sunglasses.

Little Black Dress, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Little black dress, DVF front row.

Ahn Duong, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Anh Duong in dark blue lace.

Studded Bracelets: Kate Lanphear, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Kate Lanphear has repurposed this Princeton sweatshirt brilliantly! Anything with a tiger on it is badass, especially when paired with her signature studded bracelets. Princeton should be proud to make the front row at DVF.

Rachel Zoe, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Rachel Zoe can wear these tricky round sunglasses as well as Kate Hudson in Almost Famous.Very flattering on her. Great ring too – the girl knows how to accessorize.

Fur and Feather Vest, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

When sitting next to Patricia Field, you’d better wear something wild: a feathered top.

Michelle Tractenberg, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Michelle Tractenberg in dark nailpolish. Looks a lot like OPI’s Siberian Nights.

Blake Lively and Marisa Hargitay, Diane von Furstenberg Front Row

Blake Lively and Marisa Hargitay take in the show.

A Gypsy Look, Diane von Furstenberg Runway

Maybe I’ve been watching too much True Blood – OK, I’ve definitely been watching too much True Blood – but DVF’s Greco-Roman incluenced gypsy theme for spring 2010 reminded me of maenads! It was an intoxicatingly beautiful show.

A Painterly Print, Diane von Furstenberg Runway

Painterly prints and loose, flowing silhouettes.

Bill Cunninham at Diane von Furstenberg

After the show, Bill Cunningham stepped out in his signature blue jacket and khakis. I don’t think it’s an accident that this blue jacket matches his eyes. There was a fabulous article about him in the New Yorker in March if you didn’t catch it: NYer: Man on the Street.

Virginia Smith of Vogue at Diane von Furstenberg

Virginia Smith of Vogue.

Yellow Skirt, Diane von Furstenberg

Beautiful yellow gold skirt paired with black ankle boots and a Miu Miu bag.

Meredith Melling Burke, Diane von Furstenberg Show

Meredith Melling Burke. Her shorts may be that lightweight leather that’s making an appearance in Helmut Lang’s fall line. The latest version of leather shorts and pants looks very polished, especially paired with a shrunken blazer.

Blue Blazer, Diane von Furstenberg Show

Great bright blue boyfriend blazer paired with a glitzy statement necklace.

Metallic Mini, Diane von Furstenberg Show

A flounced miniskirt and embellished heels.

Joe Zee Twittering, Diane von Furstenberg Show

Joe Zee of Elle, presumably a-Twitter!

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